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When the work of programming a server, for games or other service, many servers are available to have a good hosting and ensure quality in terms of the service you created and are offering. Therefore, you have to have good facilities according to all the equipment you own, there are good dealers and companies responsible for providing cabinets and cabinets for servers that are made to measure, requested by customers. Giving freedom to the requests and requirements of customers making custom cabinets and cabins, cabins with multi-device charging station, cabins for superior effort servers, exceeding 1.2 tonnes and also IP55 server cabins for projects Fiber on a large scale, along with other work such as portable cargo, and even with refrigeration to prevent the overheating produced by these servers. There are server cabinets, server racks cabinets, outdoor server cabinet, tablet charging trolleys, outdoor enclosures and server cabinets with air conditioning. -> Temas varios

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